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Welcome to We Love Chihuahuas, the ultimate guide to Chihuahuas. In this site you will find lots of information about the beautiful Chihuahua breed and how to care and train for your dog. Explore our site and make sure to leave us a comment.

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Latest Chihuahua Articles

Stop Chihuahua Chewing

Every dog loves to chew, some more than others and it can be quite a job figuring out how to stop chihuahua chewing on your expensive rug or electrical wires. Understanding why your dog feels the need to chew is the first step in controlling the problem. There is always… read more.

Funny things Chihuahuas do after a long day!

What does your Chihuahua like to do after a long day? Sleep, play… chase bubbles? We have our top 5 funny things for Chihuahuas to do to relax! 1. Relax, read the paper and have a massage. 2. Chase some bubbles! 3. Go for a swim! 4. Go to the… read more.

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