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About Chihuahua Pregnancy

Pregnancy and birth in a tiny dog can be risky, so you will want to find out as much as you can about chihuahua pregnancy.

A lot of Chihuahuas need to be given a caesarian birth and all require close monitoring during their pregnancy. As the tiniest dog in the world there is not much room for puppies and knowing what type of dog mated with yours is important for obvious reasons.

Finding Out About Chihuahua Pregnancy

How do you know if a chihuahua is pregnant? Before rushing off to the vet for a confirmation you can use these signs to determine pregnancy yourself:

  • Nipples. These will become enlarged and may darken.
  • Hardened stomach. Her tummy will enlarge very quickly, much quicker than with other dog breeds, and become hard.
  • Lethargy. You dog will have less energy.
  • Increased urination. The pressure from the uterus will have your pooch relieving herself more often.
  • Change in appetite. Your dog could be hungrier than usual or pickier with her food.

Chihuahua Pregnancy Preparations

If your chihuahua is pregnant, there are a few things you will need to know and do to prepare.

  • Gestation period. This may be anything from 58 to 66 days. Knowing the insemination date will allow you to predict the birth date and prepare for it. Anything over 70 days is cause for concern and you should get your dog to a vet immediately in case of complications.
  • False pregnancy. Your pooch will show all the signs of a real pregnancy but they will start to fade within a month.
  • Temperature drop. As soon as your chi’s temperature drops below 100°F, you will know that she will give birth within the next 24 hours. Have a thermometer on hand and take her temperature every 4 hours on the day prior to the expected due date.
  • Help during pregnancy. If at all possible, allow your dog to give birth at a clinic where she will be cared for by professionals. A chihuahua pregnancy can be tricky to manage successfully at home unless you know a lot about chihuahua pregnancy.

About Chihuahua Pregnancy

  • Quality feeding. It is very important to provide especially nutritious food to a pregnant chihuahua to help her keep up with the physical demands of growing puppies.
  • Rest and quiet. Make sure she has a quiet, comfortable place to lie where she can get plenty of rest. Limit exercise to no more than half an hour a day.
  • Gentle treatment. Anyone that comes into contact with a pregnant chihuahua must exercise due care and gentleness with her. Avoid loud noises and distractions.
  • Nesting. Just before whelping your dog will start digging and chewing at her bedding and will probably start licking and cleaning herself. This nesting behavior is a sure sign that the birth of the puppies is imminent and you should get her to the vet.

A chihuahua pregnancy need not be cause for undue concern as long as you are in close contact with your vet and take good care of your pooch. Educate yourself about chihuahua pregnancy so that you are organized when the time comes.

4.5/5 - (33 votes)


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