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How to Stop Chihuahuas Barking

Do you want to learn how to stop Chihuahuas barking?  You’ve come to the right place!  By taking the necessary steps in this article you can combat this problem.  Read on to find out how to stop Chihuahuas barking.

Barking is a Chihuahua’s natural way of communicating.  So, if your Chihuahua is only barking every now and then that is okay.  However, if your Chihuahua is barking excessively, then you should use the methods in this article to try and stop them.   Stopping your Chihuahua from barking will take a lot of time and patience.  It’s important to remember that your Chihuahua will not stop barking straight away but they will over time.

Use the following tips to help stop Chihuahuas barking:

  • Alpha leader position: You need to show your Chihuahua that you are the alpha leader or pack leader of your family.  This will show your Chihuahua that you are in charge of your household.  Due to their size, it is quite easy to prove to your Chihuahua that you are the alpha leader.  You can establish this by eating before your Chihuahua and not giving your Chihuahua affection for the first ten minutes after you get home.  By establishing this alpha leader position, your Chihuahua will less likely bark at you.
  • How to Stop Chihuahua Barking

  • Saying “quiet”: When your Chihuahua barks, straight away firmly say “quiet’.  By using a simple strong word, it will stick to your Chihuahua’s memory more easily.  After a while your Chihuahua will understand that “quiet” means no barking.
  • Spraying water: When you say “quiet” squirt your Chihuahua with water at the same time – but try not to get it in their eyes.  This method will also help stop Chihuahuas barking.
  • Hand clamp: If the saying “quiet” method or water method doesn’t work and your Chihuahua continues barking, then you should try the hand clamp.  When your Chihuahua barks clamp your hand over their mouth and say “quiet” at the same time.  This will help your Chihuahua understand that “quiet” means no barking.
  • Strangers: If your Chihuahua barks at an appropriate time like when a stranger comes to your home, then reward them for their good behavior.  Chihuahuas are smart and they will soon learn when it’s an okay time to bark and when it isn’t.

By using the above steps you will soon stop Chihuahuas barking.  Remember, it will take a lot of time and patience but it will definitely be worthwhile.  Try and stop Chihuahuas barking today!

5/5 - (12 votes)


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