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Aggressive Chihuahuas

Like all dogs, under certain circumstances your Chihuahua can become aggressive.  Read on to learn how to deal with aggressive Chihuahuas.

The following are a few reasons why your Chihuahua may be acting aggressively:

  • Socializing: It is so important to socialize your Chihuahua around other dogs, animals, adults and children.  Start this from when your Chihuahua is a puppy.  If you don’t socialize your Chihuahua they may become frightened and then act aggressively when they come across unfamiliar people or animals.  So start socializing your Chihuahua as soon as you get them home.  Take your Chihuahua to parks and introduce them to as many people and animals as you can.
  • Ill-treatment: Never ever harm your Chihuahua.  You can be firm but never use physical punishment or yell at your Chihuahua.  If you do this your Chihuahua will become frightened and it may lead to aggression.  Instead of frightening your Chihuahua you instead need to show them that you are the alpha leader (pack leader) of your household.  Be calm and assertive instead of scary.  This will keep your Chihuahua calm and they will less likely to become aggressive

Dealing with Aggressive Chihuahuas

If you Chihuahua is aggressive then luckily there are a number of methods you can use to stop the problem:

  • Control: You need to take control and set boundaries for your Chihuahua.  Only allow your Chihuahua to be in the parts of your home that they are allowed.  If they are not allowed in the bedroom then never ever let them in there.  Have set feeding times as well as this will combat aggressive over food.  By having control and boundaries, your Chihuahua will feel safe and will less likely become aggressive.
  • Aggressive Chihuahuas

  • Aggressive Chihuahuas with other animals: If your Chihuahua does become aggressive towards another animal then it is important to stay calm.  If it is safe, separate the animals.  Do not overreact and show affection to your Chihuahua after the incident.  Instead, take your Chihuahua away from where the aggression happened and use assertive commands such as “no” to let them know the behavior was wrong.  But remember never use physical mistreatment.
  • Aggressive Chihuahuas with people: It is not a good sign if your Chihuahua is aggressive towards people.  They may be small but their bite can still hurt.  This can be dangerous for small children.  The best thing to do in this situation is to get professional help immediately to help stop the behavior.
  • Never act frightened: Try and never act frightened around your Chihuahua.  If you do this they may stop seeing you as their alpha leader.  This in turn can cause your Chihuahua to become aggressive.  Instead stay calm and confident in all situations.  Your Chihuahua will then see that you are their protector and they have no reason to ever become aggressive.

Stopping aggressive Chihuahuas is possible.  It will just take time and patience.  Use the tips in this article to help combat the problem.  Soon you will have a happy and healthy Chihuahua who will have no need to become aggressive.  Take the steps today to help combat aggressive Chihuahuas!

4.9/5 - (10 votes)


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