Chihuahua Foods
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Chihuahua Foods

Are you curious as to what food you should be feeding your Chihuahua?  Well, you have come to the perfect place – keep reading to learn some fantastic tips and information on Chihuahua food.

Chihuahua’s are only small dogs so they do not require a lot of food.  However, the food they are fed should have high nutritional value to keep them in top shape.

The following are some tips and information on Chihuahua food to help guide you in the right direction:

  • If you are unsure on the amounts you should be feeding your Chihuahua then have a chat to your local vet.  They will be able to offer you advice based on the size and age of your beloved Chihuahua.
  • It’s important to buy Chihuahua food that is of good quality and high in nutritional value.  So make sure you choose a reputable brand of dog food.  It’s also a good idea to have a look on the back of the packet to make sure it has all the important nutrients.  For example the main ingredient should be some source of meat.  However, if it lists wheat for example as the main ingredient then you should probably look at a different brand of Chihuahua dog food.
  • Another thing you have to consider when buying Chihuahua food is whether to buy wet or dry food.  Dry food is probably the better choice as it will help keep your Chihuahua’s teeth nice and clean and it will also help aid in the prevention of plaque.
  • Some people choose to make their own Chihuahua food.  If you do go down this path then you need to make sure it has all the nutrients your Chihuahua requires.  Also, it’s important to do your research so you can avoid adding any ingredients that may cause your Chihuahua to have an allergic reaction.

Chihuahua Foods

  • It’s vital that you do not feed the wrong foods to your Chihuahua as this can cause serious health issues.  Just some of the foods you should avoid feeding your Chihuahua include chocolate, cooked chicken, pork bones, junk food, raisins, grapes, candy and human biscuits.
  • Due to their small size, Chihuahua’s have fine bones.  Because of this fact, if Chihuahuas are overfed and become obese, it can cause them a lot of stress on their little bodies.  To avoid this obesity problem and other health issues, it’s important that you only feed your Chihuahua their required daily intake.
  • Treats may seem like a great motivational tool when training your Chihuahua.  However treats can lead to your Chihuahua becoming overweight.  So stick to positive affirmations and cuddles as rewards instead of treats.

As you can see from the above Chihuahua food tips and facts, it’s vital that you make the right food choices for your Chihuahua.  This means making sure they have a nutritious diet, are not overfed and are not fed the wrong foods.  If you do this then your Chihuahua should live a long, happy and healthy life.


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