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Using a Chihuahua Harness

Chihuahuas have delicate bone structure, so it is suggested that using a chihuahua harness is safer than a collar when walking this type of dog.

A harness gives a better fit and more control by fitting over the chest and body, whilst avoiding the neck area.

Good Reasons for Using a Chihuahua Harness

There are many sound reasons for using a harness over a collar:

  • Safety first. Chihuahuas are feisty little dogs that tend to think they are bigger than they actually are. It is much easier and safer to lift a small dog out of harm’s way with a harness than it is with a collar. A harness also has a much snugger fit than a collar and is much more difficult to slip out of.
  • Trachea damage. A collar can cause a collapsed trachea if someone pulls too firmly on the attached leash, but a harness does not touch the delicate throat area. Chihuahuas can have breathing problems related to tracheal collapse or when the trachea flattens out. This causes reverse sneezing, gagging, coughing and wheezing. Prevention is far better than cure, so use a harness.
  • Neck damage. For the same reason as above, a harness is a much better choice for protecting the delicate neck area from possible breaks and damage.
  • Support. A harness provides more support than a collar and distributes the pressure from the lead more evenly over the body of the dog.
  • Fashion. If you are trendy and like your dog to match your style you have a much bigger choice when it comes to using a chihuahua harness over a collar. They come in all sorts of designs, fabrics and colors to suit your mood and taste.
  • Warmth. A harness that doubles up as a jacket can do double duty by keeping your pet warm as well as safe. The tiny body of the Chihuahua does not retain the heat very well and care must be taken to keep them warm.

Using a Chihuahua Harness

Finding the Right Harness

The only thing worse than using a collar, would be using a chihuahua harness that doesn’t fit properly.

  • The extra small dog. If you can’t find a suitable doggy harness for your chihuahua, try a kitten harness. They tend to be smaller and softer.
  • Snug fit. The harness must fit snugly without restricting the dog by fitting too tightly. Avoid scratchy materials.
  • Not just for show. If you do buy a harness as a fashion accessory, make sure it can do the job properly by providing the support necessary when out walking with your pooch. You don’t want him squirming out of it at a moment’s notice.

Ask anybody with a toy breed of dog what they prefer. Most would say that they would choose a harness over a collar any day. If you have always used a collar, try the alternative to see if using a chihuahua harness wouldn’t be a better fit to prevent throat issues and keep your pooch more comfortable.

4.7/5 - (9 votes)


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